Our Moving and Relocation Services

We might only do two things – moving and storage – but our customers tell us we do it better than anyone else. But did you realize how many different services are really offered by Albert Moving and Storage?
Moving could be as small as moving heavy items Local Moves inside your present home or business, Local Moves moving across town or destinations around the globe.
Our storage services include mobile Storage At Your Door options, and the ability to store your goods in our secure, clean 30,000 square foot warehouse.
Businesses throughout Texoma utilize our Commercial Distribution, utilizing our receiving warehouse, and “just-in-time” delivery of goods to your place of business or new building site.
We also offer complete document storage management, and shredding services through Albert Records Management.
We have the manpower, equipment and supplies to make any job go quicker and safer. Call us at (888) 731-8760 or send us a message to discuss how we can help.